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    Default Learning Curves

    This thread is specific to the focus on styles and skills of execution that actually function in the market place and is in the Beginners Lounge so that posts may hit the people who need them most


    there are several informative videos worth watching

    you should plan a study period away from distractions

    you'll also find the (free) charting package to be very useful from an education point of view

    if you took a year to study all the works whilest building a capital base then that time spent (or lost) must outweigh any capital spent or lost....paper trading is your study before you gain experience......

    protecting your capital is your number one priority

    ...practice perfectly, to make what you do, a perfect expression of yourself.

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    Default listen/learn..... traders as they trade

    Dr Brett posts useful anecdotes and tidbits and this one maybe especially useful:

    ...practice perfectly, to make what you do, a perfect expression of yourself.

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    Default Re: Learning Curves

    research clearly shows and athletes clearly understand that picturing and rehearsing in 'downtime' keeps the brain poised and the brain may not distinct between actual events and those purposely rehearsed......


    frankly, the indicia part is of far less use than the understanding of price levels, areas of transaction, where transacting attracted the most/least volume and how prior activity has drawn 'size' players to interact at those important price levels.....the important thing to remember when approaching any "technical analysis" is that indicia looks backwards and mathematically extrapolates forward, so, "x" periods ago may concern traders who are not trading now, in other words, the more you focus on the reason for transacting at the various price levels (not always support and resistance) the more likely you are focused on the correct reason for that transacting rather than a mathematical distortion of what might-be.....

    if youre serious about trading, the last few years have shown, inclusive of most instruments, that a buy and hold strategy is a luxury of the last century, where you could hide behind buying at the wrong time and just wait or you could be wrong with bogus indicators and still win.....

    ......perfect practise makes perfect......maybe, some practise that costs time alone is an advantage over no practise at all.....imo
    ...practice perfectly, to make what you do, a perfect expression of yourself.

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    Default Re: Learning Curves

    there are rules for yourself .....no matter how much you think you know about price movement that price movement is always right whereas your view is not ....you control the extent of your risk so you need to define that risk....most traders who fail almost always fail because they do not set or understand the rules of war....you are involved in an auction process where the trader on the other side of your trade is competing against you and often they do understand better than you ....bigger fish eat smaller fish etc etc




    i'll keep adding....some posts may get deleted due to the site failing aussiestockforum rules, in which case, i'll post a broken link so you can proceed where you see fit, however the point of the exercise is to increase knowledge and test out and share ideas......


    thecrosshairstrader. com/2010/10/executing-a-planned-methodology/

    stockcharts. com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:trading_strategies:richar d_rhodes_tradi

    jamesdaltontrading. com/blog/20101010/trading-education/trading-education-article-3-what-a-difference-a-timeframe-makes-timeframe-tactics-guide/
    ...practice perfectly, to make what you do, a perfect expression of yourself.

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