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    Hi Everyone...

    I'm a recently migrated pom who still has about GBP 100k sitting in my UK bank account but I'm loathed to bring it over to Aus now at such a low exchange rate. I'm not desperate for the cash right now but want to make the best move in terms of getting the most out of it.

    Taking a 12-month view, should I either:

    A) Leave the cash were it is and hope the UK economy and exchange rate picks up next year after the general election and wait for the GBPAUD rate to go back to say 2.2 before bringing over the cash. It is currently off-setting my mortgage interest on my UK property at 1.45%.

    B) Take the hit on the bad fx rate now and sink the money into an ASX200 tracker and wait for the index to hit 6000+ points again.

    C) Something else...

    Any thoughts guys?


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    Default Re: Asset Allocation Dilemma

    Hi magrpe,

    Unfortunately, it is illegal for anyone here at ASF to provide you with the kind of specific financial advice that you have just requested.

    Please consider consulting a licensed financial adviser. The ASIC consumer website has detailed information on how to choose the right financial adviser for you: http://www.fido.asic.gov.au/fido/fid...r?openDocument

    This thread has now been closed.

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