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    Interesting documentary on SBS at the moment, called 'Black Money'...

    "Investigates the shadowy side of international business, shedding light on multinational companies that have routinely made secret payments - often referred to as "black money" - to win billions in business. The Guardian reporter David Leigh reveals how he helped uncover one of the biggest and most complicated cases currently under investigation - a story involving a British aerospace giant, the Saudi royal family, and an $80 billion international arms deal known as 'The Dove'."

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    sounds wicked, i will be watching that one fo sho

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    that one's quite old gav.
    It's from the Frontline series from PBS.
    Interesting episode but ... there are completely different worlds from Australia, especially in countries where power and wealth is bestowed by where/whom you were born from.
    For Sheik kings, corruption and bribery is normal, and they get away with it, b/c that's "God's will".

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    l watched it last night. Good show but, yes, it was very old. Wonder what's going on nowdays?
    Still, it's interesting how the Sheiks cousin (i think) had a $60 million slush fund with BAE Systems.

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    what days is it on?

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