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    Has anyone traded forex using a Broker such as IB Brokers or City Index (CFDs)?

    Does anyone know what the differences are between say these type of brokers and a true Forex Broker.

    I presume you cant choose lot size (ie., micro, mini, standard). And was just wondering if they are suitable or I need to open an account with a Broker dealing only in Forex.


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    Do you mean Interactive Brokers? They don't use lots, but a dollar amount. Lots make for cleaner accounting, but being able to choose the dollar amount allows for precise money management. Another difference is that they charge a 0.00005% commission ($2.50 per $50k) on top of the spread.

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    Hi J,

    Yes sorry .. was referring to Interactive Brokers.

    I presume therefore that I can use the same approach to position sizing (e.g., 2% inital risk) etc that I use for stocks when buying curriencies via Interactive Brokers (or City Index) because they use dollar amounts.

    I have noticed that City Index use different tick values depending on the currency pairs;

    AUD/CHF 0.0001
    AUD/JPY 0.01
    AUD/USD 0.0001

    Would this affect position sizing if my inital risk was for example $400 for all each 3 currency pairs?


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    Default Re: Forex: Interactive Brokers, City Index

    Heres an example of what I mean ...

    Account size = $20000,
    Risk 2% = $400

    Buy AUD/USD
    Entry 0.9227
    Stop 0.9197

    Using Forex Broker - Std lot ($1) this equates to ...
    Long 13 lots 0.9227 (risk = $390)

    But struggling to calculate the right postion size/quantity when its in dollar terms (i.e, CityIndex, Interactive Brokers).


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    Default Re: Forex: Interactive Brokers, City Index

    To get position size in the base (first currency in pair) currency, I use:

    (R * X) / (SL / 10000)

    R = risk in AUD, X = currency rate between quote currency and AUD, and SL = stop loss in pips. For the JPY pairs, use 100 instead of 10000.

    Example, AUDUSD, I want to risk AU$100 on a stoploss of 15 pips, and the current exchange rate is 92 cents:

    (100*0.92)/(15/10000) = $61333.

    Is that what you're looking for?

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