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    so just making my way around commsec and looking at BHP, can someone tell me why there are trades that are $0? is this some error in commsec or something?

    also can someone tell me what XT or XTSXOS means in the last column?

    also looking at another stock I noticed weird trades, say 1 stock, then a minute later 2 stocks, then 3 another minute later etc, any reason why someone would do this? how do they afford to trade, the cost of the trade would be more than what the share would be worth wouldnt it? (in this case the share price was well under $5.00)

    cheers for your help in advance.
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    I dont use commsec but xt.. looks like an out of trading hours trade. Brokers can do trades out of regular hours if they have a buyer and seller ready to go. Dont know why they list $0 trades, just ignore those. Maybe commsec is sorting out irregular daytime trades and squareing them off.

    With any stock there are always traders playing games, trying to print certain bars or entice others to enter or exit or push stock price or just make it look like the stock isn't dead.
    Who knows - many agendas in trading.
    Study the relationships between intraday trades of bhp/rio/4 banks and the spi and you might see some tradeable relationships.
    Good luck.

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