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    Default What is "value"?

    what is value? I see it as net asset per share that are lower then the share price and a low pe

    But what do other peoplle see it as

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    Low P/B or low P/E does not mean value at all. It just means market thinks lowly of the company. Is market right or wrong? That's where the value is.

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    Value for me is the lower end of the trading range.
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    Value for me means, a good company that will not fail and continues to pay good dividends but the current price has been priced way too low. There were hundreds of them when the XJO hit 3,100 and not many people took advantage of this.
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    Default Re: What is "value"?

    I posted this question on a separate thread some time ago, but got zero replies

    any takers?

    "On Commsec and MSN Money, there is a Share search criteria available for "Value"

    These are ranked 1 to 5

    Is anyone aware of what method is used to calculate the Value ranking?"

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    See the other 3 measures: income, risk and growth? The value rank is most likely derived from those 3 variables.

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