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    Default Carbon Shagging Credits

    I've heard of Carbon credits but how about Shagging credits.

    Berlin brothel offers discounts to 'green' clients
    By Audrey Kauffmann
    Agence France-Presse


    STUNG by the economic crisis, a brothel in Berlin has leapt on the "green" bandwagon and is offering discounts to clients who can prove they arrived by public transport or bicycle - with some success.

    "Everyone's a winner," explained Regina Goetz, a former prostitute who runs the Maison d'envie (House of Desire) brothel in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg, a district in the former East Berlin, which is a stronghold for the ecologist Green party.

    "The environment is a topic on everyone's lips and it's pretty difficult to park around here. So we came up with the idea of an 'eco discount' of five euros ($7.40) to anyone who leaves the car at home," Ms Goetz said.

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    Default Re: Carbon Shagging Credits

    I don't think this will make any major contribution to global warming

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    Default Re: Carbon Shagging Credits

    There is a brothel in Elsternwick who I believe get a lot of custom from joggers. The wives see them jog off and they still get the exercise!

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    Default Re: Carbon Shagging Credits

    Don't like this idea at all as I like my quite time after a bit of bump and rumble. The idea of getting on a bus afterward would make me go for a beer instead.

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    Default Re: Carbon Shagging Credits

    Farting causes methane to be expelled into the air, big problem with cattle, but whilst shagging the muscles used close off the farting area which must also be good for the enviorenment.

    So maybe this place has that factorered in, anyone have a contact for further analysis ?

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