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    Default NSE - New Standard Energy

    couldnt find any thread on this little gem, thought i would start one now.

    current MC $9mill

    cash $4mill

    plus 10% interest in BRU, a JV partner in its Canning Basin prospects who have more money than sense. the Canning, referred to as the last great untouched hydrocarbon frontier, should be in play again by next year, after going on a weather and economic hold.

    currently about to ride a 6-10 well drilling campaign in the US in its 32% owned Colorado County oil and gas project, along with operators AKG who have proven track record and infrastructure in the area.

    i cant find any logical reason why this stock hasnt recovered, other than the fact that the register is so tightly held

    anyone else a holder?

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    looks like interest in the canning is beginning to grow again, with BURU recommitting to advancing their drilling program next year, and OBL moving to raise funds for their endeavours.

    plenty of interest in all the other junior oilers out there, but this one still seems to have eluded most peoples radars.

    alas, once again i seem to be talking to myself

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    up 70% in one month on anticipation of 6 wells in USA

    should see some serious appreciation over the coming campaign.

    would be interested to here others views on NSE...

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    Default NSE - New Standard Energy

    New Standard classes itself as an aggressive oil and gas developer. Currently it has 141.5 million shares on issue giving it a market cap at todays close of $20517500.
    (SP14.5 cps)

    NSE owns 18 million BRU shares which equates to $5040000, now in conjuction with that NSE also has cash on hand as at 31 December of $5 650 000, so lets be highly conservative and suggest a cash burn of $650000 thus far for the year.

    Effectively, that's $10 040000 in the kitty, which equates to 7 cents per share of tangible assets.

    In regards to the operations of the company itself NSE is currently embarking on a 6 well drilling campaign in Colarado in conjunction with other JV partners, this is based on 3D Seismic data within what the company calls,
    " A highly prolific production region"

    Well today the company discovered a commercial gas discovery at the first well in its 6 well drilling program, gas Sales are expected within 30-45 days with weather permitting. T

    There are existing pipelines already in place to which the well will be hooked up to.

    This sent the share price up 11% at the close.

    The first target, Yegua resevoir, was considered the least prospective.

    The next 4 wells are considered to be the payload, the Wilcox resevoir and associated wells have the potential to deliver $660 000 000 worth of revenue if successful, given NSE's 32.5% interest in these wells, that's potential revenue of over $230 000 000 for NSE.

    The last well of the Program, the Edwards well is likely to be farmed out and has the potential to deliver 300BCF of gas with estimated flow rates of 6-15mmfc per day. This target, considered to be the jewell in the crown will be drilled in the second half of the year.

    Quite a compelling story, NSE states that it plans to drill these low risk targets to generate future cash flows and leverage itself against its interests in the Canning Basin.

    Thus far it has looked and performed very well, it's JV partner in Colarado is AKG, a respected oil & gas operator and with a management team consisting of Ian Paton, formerly a petroleum geologist for the likes of Santos, Conoco, Santos and BHP, and Mark Hagan, 18 years with Sun Oil operating as Technical director I cant see too many holes in the story thus far.

    All this information can be obtained from company announcements and also from their website.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    nice wrap up pallen

    i am perplexed by how little attention NSE gets. for some months i presumed that i was missing some serious "holes in the story" as you described them, and have even asked on occasion whether other investors could see something which i could not.

    remarkably, most suggested that everything looked in place, and then they would quietly move on without giving it a second thought.

    this can be quite unnerving. regardless, i carried on building my position in the company, which has since gained 100% in value.

    now, finally, i believe we are at the crux where we might finally begin to see some more interest in the company.

    it still trades at a fraction of the value of some of its peers, and holds oh-so-much more (diversified) potential.

    glad to finally see another poster on this thread

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Finished on an all time high, buyers and sellers at a 6:1 ratio, Wilcox spudding imminent, still got a way to go.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Starting to get some media attention, more focus on the shale gas market on a whole.

    Whilst alot of focus on this board, and others, has been on the Wilcox drilling program NSE has massive exposure to the Goldwyer Shale gas play through it's own permits, and those associated with it's 10 percent interest in Buru Energy.

    Any sucess in this area would be massive, people will soon catch on to the fact that this is a PRODUCING oil and gas play with limited shares on issue and a diverse portfolio of assets.

    Some Aussie firms position themselves as early movers in shale gas
    Robin bromby
    From: The Australian March 15, 2010 12:00AM

    IF we say the words "shale gas", do you roll your eyes and/or stifle a yawn? Well, think again.

    Shale gas is one of the new buzz phrases in the energy world -- not here, yet, but coming soon to an investor chat room near you. A report from Fortis Bank Nederland and Virtual Minerals in London says shale gas is now provoking a global rethink in gas markets and posing a serious threat to traditional gas suppliers.

    "One after another, big energy players are trying to climb on board the shale gas train," the report adds.

    And a few companies here have positioned themselves as early movers.

    Shale gas has been known about for years, particularly in the US, but has typically been regarded as too expensive to extract, the shale being a very fine-grained rock whose fractures have absorbed the gas. But horizontal drilling and the ability to fracture shale seams to release gas have changed all that. Already the US has 32.8 trillion cubic feet of proven reserves of shale gas. And the work has just begun.

    One 8800sq km area of shale deposits in Louisiana is estimated to contain up to 245 trillion cubic feet of gas -- that would meet all US energy needs for 12 years.

    Now one company is planning a shale gas development in northern England and, says Fortis, about 40 operators are hunting for shale gas opportunities in Europe. You can bet that the Europeans will do everything they can to encourage these companies -- their success means an end to Russia's stranglehold on Europe's gas market.

    Among the early starters here is Beach Energy (BPT), which has tied up with a Canadian energy group to explore the shale gas potential of the Cooper Basin. Beach has also formed an alliance with Sundance Energy (SEA) to target shale plays in Australasia. SEA has had shale experience in North America.

    AWE (AWE), when it acquired the former Arc Energy, picked up a good deal of potential unconventional gas plays in the onshore Perth basin and is now drilling there. The company is very excited: it believes the shale quality to be as good as in the US shale fields and sees the West Australian market as very attractive in terms of both demand and pricing.

    Then there's junior New Standard Energy (NSE), which has the 37,000sq km Goldwyer shale gas play inland from Broome.
    And in Canada, Molopo Energy (MPO) has its Quebec shale gas project.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    fantastic move by the board.

    shale gas plays have already clocked $60billion in merger and acquisition transactions in the US in under 2 years. this is a hot subject around the globe right now, and australia is set to follow.

    once again, NSE are showing themselves to be bold, intelligent and innovative.

    this company is about to explode

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    NSE starting to rev up it's PR campaign, started with the article in the Austrlian.

    Sam Willis outlining his shale gas strategy to a wider audience with an article on the Bull.com.au.


    Non-conventional fuels such as shale gas and geothermal are increasingly being pursued by companies seeking to broaden Australia's energy mix and leverage the federal government's pledge to cut carbon emissions.

    Shale gas hopeful New Standard Energy Ltd says it expects investor demand for shale gas could rival the recent boom in coal seam gas (CSG) in Queensland.

    New Standard managing director Sam Willis says an explosion of shale gas activity in the United States over the past five years has spread to Europe "and it is only a matter of time before it comes to Australia".

    "It turned the US on its head and is spreading globally," Mr Willis said.

    Shale gas is type of a natural gas that exists in some deposits of shale, which is a very fine-grained sedimentary rock that acts as both the source and reservoir for the natural gas.

    Shale gas can be difficult to extract and generally more expensive to produce, but technological advances had made it economically viable, Mr Willis said.

    However, the chief executive of Adelaide-based energy advisory and research firm Energy Quest, Graeme Bethune, says producing shale gas remains technically difficult, "like getting gas out of concrete".

    "If it was easy, we would have already been doing it," Dr Bethune said.

    It was worth pursuing, however, given shale gas and gas from a variety of other sources produces substantially less carbon emissions than oil.

    Shale gas also has a `green' advantage over CSG because the extraction process takes up a smaller land footprint, Mr Willis said.

    New Standard hopes to sell shale gas to the domestic market or to liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers such as Woodside Petroleum Ltd that may need third party gas sources to underpin huge LNG export developments such as Browse in Western Australia's far north.

    The junior explorer planned to add to its extensive tenements in WA ahead of an expected shale gas land grab, Mr Willis said.

    "We're ahead of the game, positioning ourselves in a smart space," he said.

    Multi-billion-dollar shale gas deals in the US and Europe by energy majors including ExxonMobil, Total, Eni, Mitsui and BP were fuelling interest in the market, Mr Willis said.

    "They haven't done any deals in Australia yet, but I know they're looking," he said.

    So far, only a handful of companies are seeking shale gas in Australia including AWE Ltd, Beach Energy Ltd and Sundance Energy Australia Ltd.

    Dr Bethune said exploration for all forms of gas was not being sufficiently encouraged by federal and state governments despite its potential to meet more of Australia's energy needs.

    "Gas is being marginalised in the debate," he said.

    "Gas is tried and tested, Australia's got plenty of it, and it could play a major role in our energy future ... regardless of what kind of gas it is."

    The petroleum sector's lobby group, Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association, also wants more incentives for gas exploration.

    The federal government was instead selectively encouraging wind and geothermal projects to meet its ambitious target of 20 per cent of electricity produced from renewable sources by 2020, Dr Bethune said.

    High-profile geothermal hopeful, South Australia-focused Geodynamics Ltd, has been a key recipient of government grants but technical problems at its Habanero hot fractured rocks project in SA's Cooper Basin led to a well explosion on April 24 last year.

    The incident appears to have dampened investor enthusiasm for the firm, with its share price halving over the past 11 months.

    But Geodynamics appears to be in the right location: SA hosts Australia's hottest rocks and is the site for the nation's first geothermal well to test a hot sedimentary aquifer, Panax Geothermal's Salamander-1.

    Panax, another grant recipient, plans to have a demonstration power plant operational by 2011.

    Australian Ethical Investments analyst David Macri said Panax could be the first geothermal company to reach the National Electricity Market Management Company grid.

    Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson said at the opening of the well this month that a breakthrough was needed in geothermal energy - which promises reliable baseload power akin to a coal-fired power station - to help meet the 20 per cent renewables target.

    The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics expects growth in geothermal energy and solar energy for electricity generation.

    But this would be from a much lower base than wind, which can be deployed on a large commercial scale at a lower cost than other forms of renewable energy.

    Beyond the hot rocks of SA, the WA government is stepping up geothermal action, recently granting 10 new geothermal exploration permits after awarding the state's first last year in the Perth Basin.

    The new permits are mainly in the Carnarvon Basin in the state's north with the remainder in the south-east.

    The potential for a geothermal sector in Tasmania is even more tantalising as it is increasingly importing power to meet its energy needs, Sydney-based KUTh Energy Ltd says.

    The company claims to hold Australia's second-largest inferred geothermal resource base at its landholdings along Tasmania's east.

    While corporate and policy-maker enthusiasm for renewables has strengthened, deals in the renewables space fell sharply in value and activity last year due to the economic downturn, PriceWaterhouseCoopers said on Thursday.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    and now strong gas shows at Heintschel.

    this story is going from good to better. expecting to see some serious re-evaluation of this company over the coming months.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    More good news out this morning as NSE moves to production. The long term looks good as more drilling is in progress and producing excellent results.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Flying now on new announcement today. Up 21 % on the day. More news to come in the next week. These are looking good.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    hi biggy

    2 pieces of news imminent. flowrates should be announced on tuesday, and then NSAI report on Goldwyer shale prospectivity likely to follow hot on its heels.

    good timing too, should generate some interest in time for Moeller, with its 2.4mmbl kicker

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    As has been mentioned previously, NSE owns 10% of Buru Energy which today announced a farm in agreement with Mitsubishi, that's right the Japanese giant, to the tune of a maximum of $152 000 000, not bad for a tiddler, to explore what the two parties believe could be the next super Basin, the Canning Basin.

    This sent Buru's SP soaring by 20%, barely a ripple for NSE.

    Is it a case of not enough research on the part of the market?

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy


    When Japanese giant Mitsubishi struck a deal with Buru Energy last week to fund more than $150 million of exploration in the Canning Basin, it wasn't just Buru shareholders who were watching.

    Investors in New Standard Energy would also have good reason to hope that the deal will draw attention to the region, given it owns the acreage abutting Buru's. It also owns about 10 per cent of its bigger rival.

    And while there are some key differences between its tenements and those held by Buru - for starters, New Standard's focus is on shale gas - the junior shares Buru's faith in the potential of the region.

    The spotlight on the Canning comes at a crucial time for New Standard, which has asked Euroz to aid it in finding a joint venture partner to develop its assets.

    Interested parties from the US and Asia have already been sniffing around and New Standard is expected to open a data room sooner rather than later.

    The Sam Willis-headed company is thought to be keen to do a deal within the next six months, partly to avoid becoming a vulnerable target to overseas predators already comfortable in the shale gas space.

    International interest in the shale gas sector is gaining some traction.

    Most recently, Reliance Industries, India's biggest private sector conglomerate, spent $US1.6 billion acquiring a 40 per cent stake in US-based Atlas Energy, which owns shale acreage in the US.

    Commercialisation of gas resources in shale deposits has already enjoyed success in the US but the Australian industry has been slower to embrace it. Extraction involves tapping natural gas trapped between layers of shale rock in a similar way to how gas is extracted from between coal seams.

    Proponents say shale gas could rival the emerging coal seam methane gas industry. Opponents argue it has yet to be proved.

    Companies in the race to establish a serious shale gas project in Australia include AWE and Beach Petroleum, as well as New Standard.

    AWE and Beach are more advanced on the exploration side, so success for either could mean good things for New Standard if it helps to legitimise the Australian shale gas industry.

    In the meantime shareholders should expect some news flow from New Standard's onshore assets in Texas, where it is targeting more immediate cash flow. Canning Basin, however, remains the long game.

    NSE today also announced the acquisition of further land holdings in the Canning Basin.

    Unbelievable value, considering they are currently seeking JV partners through Euroz, this coming on the back of a $150 million dollar deal struck by Buru Energy with Japanese giant Mitsubishi. NSE holds a 10% interest in Buru.

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    the game plan by this board has been a standout.

    expansion without dilution. the shareprice has held up well. some good results along the way also helping the case.

    if the company were to dilute now, instead of 6-10 months ago like many other juniors were doing, they could do so with half the share issue.

    a couple more good results from texas and we may well see 30-40c in even a depressed market, perhaps 50c or higher otherwise.

    at those prices, i reckon up to $20mill plus could probably be fully supported, and that would go a long way towards exploration in australia.

    meanwhile, many peers that went with cap in hand too early and have, in some cases, up to 1bill shares on issue as a result are struggling to break out of prolonged downtrends.

    it feels good to be a shareholder that hasn't been exploited needlessly

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Quote Originally Posted by ronaldo View Post
    the game plan by this board has been a standout.

    expansion without dilution. the shareprice has held up well. some good results along the way also helping the case.

    if the company were to dilute now, instead of 6-10 months ago like many other juniors were doing, they could do so with half the share issue.

    a couple more good results from texas and we may well see 30-40c in even a depressed market, perhaps 50c or higher otherwise.

    at those prices, i reckon up to $20mill plus could probably be fully supported, and that would go a long way towards exploration in australia.

    meanwhile, many peers that went with cap in hand too early and have, in some cases, up to 1bill shares on issue as a result are struggling to break out of prolonged downtrends.

    it feels good to be a shareholder that hasn't been exploited needlessly

    20th July - Trading Halt - Here comes your dilution.

    With mitsubishi investment in BRU, NSE could have a cash holding equivalent to its market cap.

    Food for thought anyway

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Been holding for a little while now. Got in at 16.5c. Somethings going on. Gone from 20c to a high of 28.5c last few days on big numbers for them. Any ideas ?

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Quote Originally Posted by Biggy View Post
    Been holding for a little while now. Got in at 16.5c. Somethings going on. Gone from 20c to a high of 28.5c last few days on big numbers for them. Any ideas ?
    Hopefully they have finally gotten the Heintschell well flowing without the water. If the flow rates are as good as the rise in the SP was today, that would be handy.

    BUR also closed up 12% for the day, so speculation would indicate news is close.
    Position sizing and Ability should be best friends

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    Default Re: NSE - New Standard Energy

    Thanks Barney. I was starting to lose interest and then all of a sudden they took off.

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