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    Not really sure if this qualifies for a "breakout alert" but a company called Winchester Resources is due to float soon.

    Perth, Oct 1, 2009 (ABN Newswire) - Jameson Resources Limited (ASX:JAL) is pleased to announce that it has recently entered into a Sale Agreement to divest its Ora Banda gold assets to Winchester Resources Limited ("Winchester"). Winchester is an Australian public company which intends to raise A$2.0 million via an Initial Public Offering on the ASX.



    Could be some potential there? (I have no interest in this company whatsoever) Any news out there?

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    Post KRA - Killara Resources

    Killara Resources Limited (KRA) was incorporated on 14 July 2008 as Winchester Resources Limited and was established to explore for and develop mineral resource projects in Australia and internationally.

    On 3 December 2010 the Company entered in to an agreement to acquire all of the issued capital of Killara Resources Pty Ltd, a company focused on mineral exploration and development in the Republic of Indonesia. Shareholders approved the acquisition and a change of name at a General Meeting held on 28 February 2011.

    Killara has an 80% interest in the Belu Manganese Project located in West Timor in the Nusa Tenggara Timur Province and has access to a pipeline of Indonesian project opportunities.

    The Company retains its wholly owned Ora Banda Project, which consists of three sub projects: Windanya, Orinda and Christmas Reef South. These sub projects are centred on the historical gold mining district of Ora Banda, about 65 km north-west of Kalgoorlie, and have excellent proximity to both infrastructure and mineral processing facilities. The Ora Banda Project is prospective for gold and nickel mineralisation.


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    Default Re: KRA - Killara Resources

    MC - $9.8m
    SP - 14c
    Shares - 70m
    Options - Nil quoted
    Cash - $1.8m

    Top 20 SH - 64%

     Killara is continuing to work with its local partners to enable full access to the Belu Manganese Project (KRA 80%) to enable the testing of the Target 1 area.

     Follow up of exploration targets defined on the Ora Banda Gold Project (KRA 100%) is proposed for the current field season.

     Preparation of the binding agreement with regard to the Bintuni Basin Coal Project, the two contiguous coal concessions in the West Papua Province that cover a combined area of 48,600ha of a large underexplored potential coal province, is progressing.

     Full details of the transaction, the coal concessions and the due diligence work program will be reported once the agreement has been executed.

     Killara is continuing to advance discussions with regard to the acquisition / joint venture of two large early stage coal projects in Kalimantan.

     Killara’s typical transaction structure involves direct ownership in the companies that hold the concessions being acquired.
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    Default Re: BMP - BuyMyPlace.com.au

    On March 4th, 2016, Killara Resources Limited (KRA) changed its name and ASX code to BuyMyPlace.com.au Limited (BMP).

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    Default Re: BMP - BuyMyPlace.com.au

    Such an interesting name.
    Had to look at what they do.

    BuyMyPlace.com.au Limited (BMP, formerly Killara Resources Limited) is an online real estate business enabling Australians to sell their homes without paying commissions to real estate agents. The business model has been validated with over 2,700 customers having sold their own properties using BuyMyPlace since 2009.

    Site seems busy. Will it work? Who knows? With the propensity of Y gen to buy everything over the net, maybe it will work.

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