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    Default Any tips for a first timer?

    Hi All,

    I have about 9k to invest in the share market. I am not overly interested in dividends although if there are some out there with a good P/E i would be interested.
    However I am more interested in good capital growth.

    Does anyone have any opinions in what I should put this 9k into?


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    Default Re: Any tips for a first timer?

    We don't do tips here - against the law sorry

    See this thread:

    'Advice' threads are not permitted on ASF
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    Default Re: Any tips for a first timer?

    whoops sorry about that

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    Default Re: Any tips for a first timer?

    Everyone will have an opinion on what you should invest your money in but unfortunately no one is allowed to give advice on what you should invest it in.

    So with that in mind this thread will be closed.

    You will need to do your own research on the stocks you are interested in investing in or see a licensed professional.
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