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    Default Trojillo Syndrome

    In January '07 my first foray into the web was the Bigpond dial-up $25.95 per month. The contract expired in Jan. '08.
    After that experience I went to wireless broadband.
    I still receive , on my Telstra bill, $25.95 per month 'ongoing charges' 20 months' later.
    According to Telstra I owe $1200. 50% is Bigpond. In May '08 I got in touch with
    the Telco ombudsmen. They told me to try Telstra ombudsman first. What an absolute joke. To try and get some type of reaction I didn't pay my bill from November '08 till July '09. No threatening mail, no collection notices, but according to Telstra they are owed roughly $500 -$600 on their books. Then I am thinking, there must be a term for this dubiuos kind of account keeping.
    Is there someone with an idea on this.
    driving me krazy, chrisalex

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    Default Re: Trojillo Syndrome

    Were they charges for excessive usage?

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    Not that simple Mr J. Started using wireless broadband two months before the contract expired. Had a look at 'Worrells' solvency and forensic accountants this afternoon, its not an uncommon practice to have bogus debtors to make the books look better, but I think with frustrated Bigpond staff anything a bit hard goes in the ' if I leave it there long enough it might go away' file. Should try that myself and stick to why we are here at ASF.
    Regards, Chrisalex

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    You should be charged double for spelling Trujillo like that.

    Response in the following thread.

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