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    (Company was formerly known and listed as Findlay Securities, ASX:FDY)

    15th Aug 2008
    Otto Buttula becomes executive chairman.

    11th Nov 2008
    Aequs capital and Findlay Securities announce merger scheme. Consideration is Findlay shares. Aequs's principal activity is providing share trading and investment services including merger, acquisition and equity capital markets advice and services to corporations and financial institutions in Australia.

    26th Nov 2008. Future direction
    AGM Presentation statement. (Text taken from FDY 2008 Annual Report)
    "We at Findlay Securities will continue to build a new leadership team, developing a strategy intended to rejuvenate the Company, taking advantage of the marketplace which we believe affords considerable opportunity given the dislocation of financial markets, ongoing capital scarcity and the need for scale. Overriding objectives of our Rejuvenation Strategy include:
    i) further developing and growing Findlay’s recurring revenue streams;
    ii) markedly expanding the Company’s strategic and commercial footprint (or ‘sphere of influence’), i.e., the Takeover Offer for Aequs Capital and
    iii) cultivating top quartile stakeholder returns – thereby providing a more attractive future outlook for all of our stakeholders, including our employees, clients and shareholders. Our aim over ensuing years will be to become a Company renowned for providing stakeholders with better opportunities, higher investment returns and hence greater satisfaction in their experiences in dealing with our Company"
    29th June 2009
    Findlay changed name to Investorfirst.

    6th July 2009
    Brett Spork Appointed Managing Director and CEO of Investorfirst Limited (Formerly CEO of E*Trade Australia)

    22nd July 2009
    Mark Zworestine appointed as Chief Financial Officer (previously CFO for E*TRADE Australia between 1999 and its takeover by ANZ in 2007)

    1st September 2009. First wholesale broking agreement signed
    Investorfirst Limited (ASX: INQ) announced today its wholly owned subsidiary, ANZIEX Limited (‘ANZIEX’), has entered into a wholesale broking services agreement with Trader Dealer Online, a subsidiary of MDS Financial Group Limited (ASX: MWS). The agreement will allow Trader Dealer Online to execute and clear ASX market orders through ANZIEX, providing a seamless transaction for shares, warrants and options orders. Commenting on the formalisation of the transaction, Brett Spork, CEO of Investorfirst said, “The execution of the wholesale trading agreement with Trader Dealer Online is a great initial milestone for the newly restructured Investorfirst Group and in line with our strategy to leverage the ANZIEX back office administration functions to wholesale clients wishing to utilise their own head brand."
    (exgeo comment: This sounds a lot like the "white label" share trading service previously offered by IWL to me).
    "We hope that this is the first of several wholesale relationships the Group expects to enter into, thereby leveraging off our in-house settlement and clearing expertise.
    Damian Isbister, CEO of MDS Financial Group said “We are excited to be working with online broking pioneers, Brett Spork and Otto Buttula and look forward to the continuing rapid expansion of Trader Dealer Online."

    31 Aug 2009. Preliminary Final Report Commentary
    "The primary focus of our strategic plan for FY10 is to strongly build our revenues (targetting growth of 100%). This is envisaged to be achieved by through cementing several selected and current strategic initiatives, including successfully closing targeted acquisitions, recruiting higher yielding personnel, and establishing wholesale broking service relationships, leveraging from our highly scaleable platform."
    Financial results are pretty meaningless given the deck-clearing and change of business direction (formerly Findlay traders would day-trade using the company's capital, for example).

    INQ Background info
    Senior management:
    Otto Buttula, Andrea Steele, Paul Clarke (all formerly with IWL before CBA takeover). Brett Spork, Mark Zworestine (both formerly of ETrade Australia before takeover by ANZ)

    Management Shareholdings:
    Otto Buttula: 22,000,000 ordinary shares (13.6% of issued capital of 162m shares, as at 30th June 2009)

    IWL Background info
    Prior to joining INQ Mr Buttula co-founded and was Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of IWL Limited (ASX: IWL), a company which listed on the ASX in 1999 at a market capitalisation of $48 million, before its takeover by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA) in 2007 at a market capitalisation of approximately $372 million.

    [exgeo commentary] Under Mr Buttula, IWL was highly acquisitive, building up a group focussed on back-office trade processing, company research and both "white-label" and own-brand (Sanford Securities) online share trading (IWL currently still provides the share-trading for Bankwest and NAB, using the same website as the former Sanford Securities). It looks to me that Mr Buttula is going to use the vehicle of INQ to construct another IWL, based on the acquistion and first wholesale broking agreement to date, management team assembled and stated management objectives. A case of "back the jockey" IMHO.

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    Announcement of $8m capital raising and SPP at 10c per share. Capital will be used to basically continue their strategy of building an IWL lookalike, as can be seen from the presentation accompanying the capital raising announcement.

    These initiatives include:
    • Support the higher regulatory capital requirements imposed by ASIC and ASX of a minimum core liquid capital of $5.0 million for full participant brokers, commencing 1 July 2010 (currently $2.0m)

    • Researchfirst – INQ’s in-house proprietary research system which is to be made available to sophisticated, institutional share investors, associated advisors and online clients in 2H’FY10

    • Investorfirst Portfolio Services - new annuity based portfolio administration service

    • Investorfirst Online – INQ’s direct, online broking platform, which will initially be directed at advisory networks (launch 3QFY’10), before being released to other affinity based service providers and the direct investing public

    • Firstfunds – a new business unit, established to provide a suite of fundamentally based Exchange Traded Funds, leveraging the models created by Researchfirst (launch FY11)

    • Small bolt on acquisitions, continuation of aggregation strategy (broking teams & firms, wealth management and research)

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    Default Re: INQ - InvestorFirst

    I seem to be talking to myself on this one a bit, but here goes anyway:

    Investorfirst Limited is pleased to announce that it has entered into binding share sale agreements to acquire an 81% interest in the Alert Trader Group (“ATG”) of companies (alerttrader.com.au).
    Same strategy as IWL; make bolt-on aqcuisitions, strip out the backend costs and grow the company. Former IWL shareholders who were made rich by Mr Buttula and his team should be all over this one I think. I hope (and expect) that history is going to repeat itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exgeo View Post
    I seem to be talking to myself on this one a bit, but here goes anyway:

    Same strategy as IWL; make bolt-on aqcuisitions, strip out the backend costs and grow the company. Former IWL shareholders who were made rich by Mr Buttula and his team should be all over this one I think. I hope (and expect) that history is going to repeat itself.
    Don't want you to feel alone and long on this one ! I'm also backing replication of past successes - slightly concerned that the roll out of these initiatives taking too long and the advisor market in too much flux at the moment. Staying long

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    Default Re: INQ - InvestorFirst

    Anyone following this? Seems to have really picked up again?

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    Default Re: INQ - InvestorFirst

    It appears you may have all been right. Have just been reading about Investorfirst and they have lost staff and seem to be in a deal with a company called Wilsons or something. Did Investorfirst just implode?

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    Time to get back in the good books? Investor first appoint new chief. Navigating a market that for the last 13 years has delivered no real return. Investor-first Ltd has announced that it is to receive an R&D Tax Incentive refund of $1.1 million in July in respect of the 2012 financial year related to the significant investment the company has made in the ongoing development of the HUB24 investment and superannuation platform.
    "PARTY HARD" Do your own research Enter, at 0wn Risk. http://share-trading.rjf.com.au/

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    Default Re: HUB - HUB24 Limited

    On August 22nd, 2013, Investorfirst Limited (INQ) changed its name to HUB24 Limited (HUB).

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