Let's accept these facts:
"Mr Palmer, who has extensive Chinese mining-linked business relationships"...
"Much of his wealth resides in a multibillion-dollar royalty agreement he struck with the Chinese company CITIC Pacific to mine iron ore from his Pilbara project."

resorts to well tested, one might say, well worn, line of attack, (however usually not on the Australian Government of this day):
''We've got an opportunity to grab that if our politicians could only be fair and treat Chinese people and the Chinese Government with the dignity that they deserve … [The Chinese] don't like the idea of racism; they don't like the idea of being discriminated against because of the colour of their skin.''

When in fact:
China on Thursday predicted a domestic shortage of some minerals needed to produce green and high-technology products, exacerbating concerns that Beijing may tighten its stranglehold on global supply of so-called rare earth elements.

China, which supplies about 95 per cent of the global rare earths market, is considering plans to clamp down further on export quotas for the valuable minerals used to produce everything from hybrid cars to iPod music players.

1. Which company is Mr Palmer referring to?
2. What does this company mine?

Australia demonstrated its concern that China may be trying to dominate rare earth supplies beyond its borders as well. Australia’s foreign investment regulator has delayed for the second time China Nonferrous Metal Mining’s proposed A$470m ($395m) investment in one of the country’s leading rare earths mining projects....oops

Dear Mr Palmer,
How transparent can one be without appearing, well, ridiculous?
''We should be getting our governments - wherever they are - to wake up to themselves and to realise there needs to be level playing fields,'' he said.

''We don't want to do damage to people, and we don't want to insult them based on their race of their culture … Australians are better than that, and we want equal opportunity for all people.''

Oh, I wonder how Stern Hu is fairing right now?
"It is important for the Chinese government to understand better the concerns we have about the circumstances surrounding not just Mr Hu's detention but the lack of detail," Crean said.
"Because this is important as a signal to all people seeking to do business in China."

Perhaps important for some people seeking to do business in Australia?
Any comment Mr Palmer?