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    An interesting story here about people living in the tunnel system under Las Vegas and living off the scraps of those who forget to take credit out of the machines.

    Pretty unique story.


    I remember a story in the Sunday Telegraph a few weeks back, where a guy can make $55,000 pa begging on the streets of Sydney. He knew when the best time to sit was (at the end of the day, and preferably towards the end of the week, when people were happier and more willing to give).

    So, being homeless - is it all its cracked up to be? Are there some people who are just 'good at it'?


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    I donít think begging should be allowed in Australia, not yet anyway.
    Our welfare system should take care of people in need.

    But it gets more sophisticated; beggars enter our homes through TV, radio.

    Government is quite happy with this type of arrangement, when we save people from here; they can pump another 100,000 or 200,000 of immigrants all expenses paid.

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