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    I am trying to find out if there is a listed investment company (LIC) that would be similar in it's portfolio to something like a Macquarie Small Companies Managed Fund or similar. I ask this as I am keen to invest in a portfolio of small companies but do not want to use a managed fund. I suppose I might have to go through the portfolios of each of the LIC and see what they hold unless someone here can advise me.

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    Mirrabooka (MIR) http://www.mirra.com.au/
    Top 20

    Oil Search
    IRESS Market Technology
    Tox Free Solutions
    Australian Infrastructure Fund
    Coca-Cola Amatil
    Campbell Brothers
    Iluka Resources
    Fleetwood Corporation
    Tassal Group
    James Hardie Industries
    Toll Holdings
    Equity Trustees
    Crane Group
    ASG Group

    Internal MER was 0.81% at end June 09

    No recommendation given.

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