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    Default Afr.com vs. free information

    Hi all,

    Is anyone here a subscriber to online AFR.com?
    Im interested in it but its quite pricey.
    How does it compare to free business news like smh.com.au
    and news.com.au ?


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    Default Re: Afr.com vs. free information

    AFR has some good opinion columns that will move small or mid caps at times.
    Other than that, all the info is freely available on the web.
    I believe effort to be a finite resource. Something to be used only when there are no other options available.

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    Default Re: Afr.com vs. free information

    You should not have to pay for somebodies opinion.
    Otherwise, I will gladly invoice you for my following opinion!

    I find Business Speculator worth a look at, several times throughout the day;

    Alan Kohler, Robert Gottliebsen, and Stephen Bartholomeusz.
    Kohlers commentary can shift prices, when you consider his exposure on the ABC, with his Finance report, and Inside Business.

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    Default Re: Afr.com vs. free information

    i find 'the economist' a good site for world news

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    Default Re: Afr.com vs. free information

    Price for afr.com is coming down and might be included in the paper subscription. Might be worth a look now.

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