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    Default Cosmetic breast surgery

    Has anyone here considered the benefits of cosmetic breast surgery ?

    I know that most would have heard that surgery is performed to enhance the chest.

    But surgery is also performed in same cases for lifestyle reasons to reduce the chest size.

    As a public service benefit I thought it would be apt to post more details.

    Of course always seek professional medical advice before taking any action involving you health.

    Here's quite an educational and informative article;


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    hahhaha.. man boobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jono1887 View Post
    hahhaha.. man boobs
    Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction is considered last resort in correcting gynecomastia. This is done by a cosmetic surgeon by removing the excessive fatty tissues of the breast and tightening the chest skin to make it look firmer.

    However there are still other treatment to cure gynecomastia including taking gynecomastia pills,exercises and wearing the right clothes to hide gynecomastia.

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