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    lately there has been a string of whale beachings

    2 have washed up on geraldton beaches in as many days .... one at greenough and one today at bluffpoint

    Why ? these 2 in Geraldton were apparently young ones.

    why do they do this?

    will upload photo,s once i work out how to get them from my phone onto the screen

    p.s trainspotter if you want to look, its on St gerges Beach, kempton street , bluff point , but you may want to hurry as northcoast got the machinery coming to remove it

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    Apologies if i am way off the mark but in the background the other day on a radio news bulletin, i heard something about a young whale having been attacked by a killer whale and washing up onshore.

    Have no idea if this is the same whales or area as i wasn't really paying attention but if so this would explain one of them at least.

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    I dont really know the answer. But it is time for the annual southern migration, there has been some fairly breezy weather in the West over the last couple of weeks. Maybe it's just the law of averages. Not all are going to survive the migration and of course numbers are building up.

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    i have heard a wild theory that oil exploration using sound waves for seismic screws whales big time

    other reasons:

    Strandings are of several types, said Susan Parks, a research associate in the Environmental Acoustics program in the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State. Individual strandings often are caused by isolated incidents such as sickness, injury or old age. Said Parks, "Entanglement in fishing gear is one of the leading causes of mortality for marine mammals, many of which wash up on shore dead or injured." The tide carries these whales into shallow water, depositing them on the beach.

    Then there are multiple-species strandings, explained Parks. "This occurs when different species of marine mammals beach themselves at the same time and place, suggesting that they all died from the same cause," she said.

    Scientists have been researching possible causes of this phenomenon. One explanation involves the whale "pod" social structure. For instance, whales that travel in pods use a "strength in numbers" survival strategy, but this can backfire when the dominant whale runs aground. According to Parks, "The rest of the pod may follow a disoriented or sick whale onto shore." Another theory is that pods may venture too close to the beach when hunting prey or evading predators and become trapped by low tides.

    Weather also may play a part in beachings. Explained Parks, "In 1998, there was a major stranding on the West Coast of the United States where many different species, particularly sea lions, starved to death." This mass stranding, she added, was thought to be caused by El Niño's effects on sea-water surface temperatures. Many marine mammals depend on plankton and kelp that thrive in cool, nutrient-rich waters. In the case of sea lions, when food is scarce, the adults wean pups earlier and leave them behind while they hunt for fish in colder waters further offshore. These young seals are often the ones that become stranded.

    Some theories about beaching suggest that defects in a whale's navigation system may be the cause. According to Parks, "The problem with these theories is that we don't know exactly how whales navigate.” Some species travel vast distances every year and find their way back to where they started. Right whales, for example, travel more than a thousand miles from the Gulf of Maine to the coastal waters of Florida and Georgia to give birth, then swim back to northern waters. Said Parks, it is known that some whales use echolocation to identify objects in their environment but "it is unclear whether these species need to rely on it for navigation."

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    so beached

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    Thanks guys for replies

    apparently the one at greenough was washed up not beached so already dead in the water

    still unsure on the bluff point one , but from me seeing it , it looked like it swam up on the inshore reef not washed up , maybe wrong but in champion bay the wave action not rough enough to push it that far up in my view , will know when the "experts " have a look i suppose

    intresting stuff , strange creatures whales and quite sad to see a giant of the sea dead out of the water .

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    Thanks or the heads up Nun. Unfortunately I am locked away inside a cubicle pulling numbers creating a building company. Will try and surface by mid next week for fresh air and bourbon.

    Migration is on for the whales and it is more than likely that it is a normal attrition rate. Just pure coincidence that Gero happens to be the designated point of beaching perhaps? How many more wash up down the coast and do not get reported?

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