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    Default Economic Nostradamus John Talbott fears another bust

    Investment banker turned author, John Talbott, is accusing big business of bribery and predicts another crash is just around the corner.

    In his latest book, The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street, Talbott says: "I know what you're thinking. How was I able to narrow it down to just 86

    Are his points valid ?


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    Default Re: Economic Nostradamus John Talbott fears another bust

    China's ponzi package is equal to buying 122 Aircraft Carrrier' s at $8 billion each and any good taken out of a factory is classed as sold... so I think are dreaming if we think China will save us.

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    Default Re: Economic Nostradamus John Talbott fears another bust

    I think it would be helpfull if this discussion was transferred to the "Imminent and servere market correction" thread

    But thanks for the posts

    cheers explod

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