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    Default EzyChart/EzyAnalyser

    I am thinking of buying EZY charts and Ezy analyser can any one reconmend them, or may be something elce.

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    Default Re: EZY Charts

    What do you want a charting package to do?
    What do you want to do with the charting package?

    Signal Trades?
    Search for setups?
    Test strategies
    Display in various ways Candlestick,Bar Point and figure.
    Have in built methodologies.
    Do something specific like count waves.
    Just plot a chart?
    Write your own code.

    Amibrokers pretty good and cheap.
    Dont use it myself but heard good reports.
    My software is more job specific.

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    Default Re: EzyChart/EzyAnalyser

    I used to use Ezy Chart until they went insolvent. It was not a bad package, however I think that it was limited and not brilliant. It was a basic entry level system (IMO).

    I would not recommend it. I currently use Metastock v1o and IC Investor. Metastock is really excellent, however it is a bit tricky to set up and use indicators. IC Investor is a lot easier and simpler to use, however you can not program your own indicators and do as much. The really good thing about IC is that it has both technical info (prices) as well as fundamental data, and you can run scans on both data sets.

    Which ever one you go for, try and get a demo version to play with first and this will allow you to see if it meets your needs.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Anyone using Ezychart/Ezymanager portfolio in Windows 7?

    Have been using them for years - good simple progs that do all I want and never a problem with the NAB data {commsec did have a problem]
    But I was never able to install EM on Vista even using admin a/c and the xp compatibility wizard

    I have Windows 7 64 bit on order and was wondering if anyone has installed them yet?


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    Default Re: EzyChart/EzyAnalyser

    I'd agree with MACD in that Ezy Chart is a simple, entry level program. But it is easy to use, more than adequate and worth the entry fee. Bear in mind you'll want to move on after a year or so.

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    Default Re: EzyChart/EzyAnalyser - Charting Sofware

    Hi all,

    I've read through many forum threads, as I am looking for some ideas on good charting software. Most threads are quite old, and unless you are direct with your requirements, you get a lot of bollocks answers. Therefore, I'm hoping some can help me if I make my intentions/requirements clear.

    I'm in the unfortunate position to be giving up a Bloomberg licence (as part of my job at a bank I used to have one as I was the BBG administrator for the firm - I've now changed jobs). So I need to find something to replace what I had.

    I have very simple requirements:
    - I need something that can keep a list (monitor) of all my fav/watchlist stocks, with current prices (30 min delayed is fine).
    - I need something that charts the relevant stocks, with 5m and daily time bars/candles.
    - Use of some studies re: stochastic, MACD, volume, RSI would be useful
    - the ability to draw on the charts ie: trend lines, fib levels etc.
    - Something that links directly to the shares options prices would be handy too but not a necessity.

    I currently trade through a nab online trading account, so I know some of this info is available there, but I really want something a bit more robust in the charting area. I'm not a day trader, I look for medium term price levels, and trade options and direct shares around these levels.

    Anyone with some advice would be much appreciated.



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    Default Re: EzyChart/EzyAnalyser

    I think ezychart will do all the above but I am having problems with ezy manager portfolio manager in windows 7

    Is anyone using it?


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