Purchased and living in an apartment. Obviously it would be wise to get some contents insurance in case of fire, theft, flood (burst pipes etc), storm damage (broken windows and water damage).

Anyway, I've had a bit of a poke around and it's like comparing chalk and cheese! Also, unless you go through the PDS with a fine tooth comb, who knows what you are and aren't insured for!

"Sorry sir, we can not accept your claim for your LCD telly falling of the wall because it was a full moon on the day it happened".

Anyone got any advisory do's or don'ts with content insurance?

How much does one insure the contents of a typical 2 bedroom apartment for? I guess you need to think; should there be a fire and then smoke and water damage through the entire unit; how much would it cost to re-fit out the entire apartment and replace all furniture, carpets, clothes, AV, jewelery.... decisions decisions...