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    Can I have some tips on websites to look into for quality EOD data for key international markets; e.g. US, European, Asian etc.

    Many thanks.

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    just use prorealtime, hubb investor, incredible charts or procharts egoli nearly anything lol. Its just easy everything is there and u dont have to touch a thing.

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    Yahoo finance has quite an extensive EOD data for most of the stock excahnges. Some charting softwares have plug-in to download EOD data from Yahoo, MSN or Google e.g. Metastock or Amibroker etc. You can download the raw data O, H, L, C, and V from Yahoo in CSV format from Yahoo Finance or using an Excel macro.

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    Which charting/analysis software do you use? Different data sources provide data in different formats so you may be limited to a handful of data sources depending upon your software.

    Are you after a paid solution that automatically updates the data for corporate actions (stock splits, code changes, delistings etc.) or are you happy to wear the consequences of the data being non-maintained and you having to perform data imports yourself?
    Cheers, Richard Dale
    Norgate Data

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