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    Hello all

    I'm wondering whether anyone has any opinions as to whether its worth this newbie 'tradevestor' to get some charting software, and if so, what are some good options, and how much do they cost?

    Right now I'm using a combination of NAB online (for stats) and bigcharts.com (for charts... duh). I use a combination of Aegis (through NAB) and investsmart.com for quick glances through FA (basic figures and ratios), and of course company reports for balance sheets and cashflow.

    I'm not an active daytrader but have done a few quick in-outs with varying degrees of success, I do scan the market and my stocks/watchlist quite constantly (at least 1 hour a day on avg). Once I get my confidence and knowledge up I would like to trade more often (as much as one can with a full time job that allows them to access the internet fully, as long as I"m not taking the mickey).

    Using these free web tools seems adequate for my purposes but watching some of the more complex charts people put up makes me want something that can do fibs and the like, also be good to get all stats / depth / trades quickly instead of the relatively clunky NAB web interface.

    Any input appreciated, thanks

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    Have a look at the info on these threads, should get you started:

    Free Charting Software and Data

    Trading Programs - What are you using????
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