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    Is there a decent real time stock scanner available for ASX stocks? Would very much appreciate anyones input to what they use. Sort of thing I'd be looking for is breaking of previous days high/low. Volume. % moves etc. If anyone has any ideas of where to look will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    The Spark platform has very good Real time Volume information

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    spark looks like a top quality product but its just so expensive.
    I would imagine any real time software would give you some sort of scanning feature.

    A few that spring to mind are pro real time or IT finance, both the same thing.
    They have alot of different scanning options and you can also create custom scans to suit your needs.

    Also this place t u rbo tRader
    http://www.turbotrA der.net.au/home.php

    have a look, I havnt used it myself but looks like it could provide some of the info you are after. At least they offer a trial so you can have a look to see.

    ps. just make the url all non capital letters and join the full word up seems it wouldnt let me post it in full.

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    um ............... turbo blahblah already been pumped through commsec chat

    there is a free 2 week trial

    i have tried it ..............

    its uses did not affect my trading or criterias

    it is not a magic box

    merely a live volume scanner you pay for

    worth the free trial tho and make your own mind up

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