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    I've two questions, referring to CFDs in general and IG Markets in particular:

    1) Do CFDs have the 3 days settlement period like real shares?

    2) I've combed through the web and IG Markets' site but could not find this answer - will IG Markets (or other providers) charge interest on a long trade even if I'm not leveraged?

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    ! - No cfds dont have 3 day settlement like real shares.Settlement is as soon as u press buy/sell

    2 - Yes u will be charged interest straight away.If u want to use 100% cash dont use cfds just use a normal broker such as comsec etc.Cfds are for leverage.Thats one of the ways cfd providers make money.Charging interest on long positions.

    hope that helps anymore questions fire away!!

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    2. Yes, but no interest is charged for intra-day trading

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    Thanks guys. That's all the questions I've right now.

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