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    Default Quotetracker no longer free

    Just got this

    We want to let you know that beginning on September 21, 2009 the free version of QuoteTracker you currently use will no longer be available. But you can continue to get FREE access to QuoteTracker by opening a TD AMERITRADE account. Plus, we'll upgrade you to Premium QuoteTracker.

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    I recieved that too. Pity its a great program, You can still purchase it before the Sept date for a year for $60USD but after that date it doubles in price. Wondering if its time to start paying for data. Anyone know who is the cheapest for intraday data similar to what Quotetracker can supply? They all seem really expensive. I work during the day and only use intraday occasionally and Quotetracker was fine.

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    My one word reply is:


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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    Probably should have explained myself better. I also use Amibroker for my charting and only use Quotetracker as a way to get semi live data. After looking around even if Quotetracker doubled to $120 USD its cheap compared to all of the live data packages Ive seen. For someone that only trades part time is there an alternative? Im after semi live intraday data. Im currently Quotetracker with a feed from Westpac that gives my a refresh rate of 5 seconds.

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    this sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    I use it everyday with but if we have to pay for it I may as well just suffer and use iress now.

    Cant really see any options as Australians cant open accounts with ameritrade but $US120 for a year is still cheap.
    I would probably consider this but I use etrade and the intraday charts are useless on there as they get really annoyed if you scrape to much info from their site a day so the intraday charts are blank. So anything less than 5 min intervals for me are a no go. I couldnt get mine to work with wetpuc for somereason.

    The only other options out there that I can see is to purchuse a product which can give you x amount of live snapshots a month but the upfront costs of software is still expensive. After that its only about $50 a month.

    How can ninjatrader work apart from having an account with IB. There still needs to be a feed to the asx? just curious..
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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    I also use Quotetracker everyday.

    I have loaded my portfolio and watch lists to can get live feeds from Westpac (if set at 1 second).

    A great product and will be sadly missed.
    -- I love the includision of daily profit/loss and adhoc sorting available

    Are there any other similiar products out there?
    DYOR, I am not a financial advisor

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    Are they even offering anything for doubling the price?

    My one word reply is:

    Which is free, at least most of it.

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    not really offering anything for us Aussies so its not good news.

    Premium QuoteTracker is an exclusive version that has all of the QuoteTracker tools you now enjoy, along with many additional features including:
    Free streaming data – and the ability to track as many as 600 symbols at once, only if with TD Ameritrade obviously
    Up to 20 days of data on intraday charts (instead of 10)
    20 days of intraday backfill (compared to the standard 1–5 days provided by most brokers)
    An advanced stock screener, allowing end-of-day screening of the entire U.S. market
    Streaming options chains and options price sensitivity measures (Greeks) on both Level I and options chain windows
    And much more

    its a shame all good things come to an end.

    I only think ninja trader would be worth looking at if you have an IB account other wise the only option is yahoo end of day data and there are already a million free end of day charting programs out there.

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    Default Good news - Quotetracker still free

    QuoteTracker will still be free for AU users. I just received a note from QuoteTracker support when I queried their offer:
    From the email I received:

    "I wish they would have been a bit more clear in the email.

    1. the registration price is double for all billing after Sep 21, 2009.
    Registrations prior to that date will be billed at old prices until they
    come up for renewal

    2. If you want to use another US Broker other than TD Ameritrade,
    QuoteTracker would have to be registered. Cannot use it for free.

    3. for other datafeeds other than US Brokers, like subscription datafeeds or
    non-US sites, the free option still remains

    #3 applies to you, so if you are not registered now and do not wish to be,
    then you would still be able to use QT same as you did before. Or you can
    register before September 21st at the old pricing for the first period.

    I saw some posts on some AU message boards about it. Unfortunately, I am not
    allowed to post on public boards right now. If you happen to see any, please
    put up the above info.


    Jerry Medved

    So no change for us looking at the ASX.

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    thanks for that dman. Yeh they shouldve been abit clearer in the emails.

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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    That is good news.. I do find it useful for at least getting a basic overview of the market during the day. It's usually enough if you are not trading intraday and can be used to find pretty good entry or exit points. And the update of the daily charts/indicators as changes occur during the day is good for determining where things are going.
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    Default Re: Quotetracker no longer free

    If you're not paying for it, then it's use is mainly for intraday. 2 days historical data for the free version, 10 days for the pay version. Or 6 months on the daily.

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