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    Is anyone else having issues with Comsec research data being all "out of whack" for the last couple of weeks?

    If I look at forecasts the graphs might be in the wrong place, missing, or have strange results.

    I rang Comsec and (surprise, surprise) they say they are not aware of it. The guy logged on while I was on the phone and had the same issue. He said it was out of their control and would be passed on to their IT department. No reference or job number????

    Thanks for your help.


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    Yer comsec has been stuffed for me to.

    When i go to the make up of the indices section it shows every single quote twice. Eg its listed like:


    its very annoying as it takes up twice as many pages. I also cant access announcements direct from watchlists/price quotes. I have to go the long way round and go to the announcement page first, then type in the code, then click the announcement
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    There have been problems with a number of areas of comsec since the last maintenance they are doing another one this weekend hopefully to fix the problems they caused last time

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Fingers crossed for the weekend fixes!!


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