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    Hi this thread is basically requesting a list of penny dreadfuls that you think are worth trading.

    I've found that money can be made from penny dreadfuls.
    So far I have traded with:
    Lakes Oil-LKO
    Babcock and Brown Infrastructure-BBI
    Boart Longyear-BLY

    I'm really looking for ones really cheap such as LKO trading below $0.02
    but i realise that not all companies trade that low or are a good investment.

    if everyone could please put in their 2c as I'd really like to find more company's to trade with.

    also sorry for any spelling mistakes or information that I should have included, Im new

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    Default Re: Penny Dreadfuls...

    Thread closed as it is going to turn into a ramp fest.

    Edward, threads like this are not allowed as it just allows members to spruik what they hold, and no one ever gives proper details. I would suggest just searching through the threads based on titles like 'market cap' or do a quick scan from your broker then look at those companies threads.



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