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    Default JBM & RIN Darvas Boxes help!

    Could one of you more experienced traders help me with something please. I was watching Rinker and Jubilee Mines and found a couple of Darvas boxes. I was considering watching price action consolidate for a while and then I noticed that Rinker's price has retraced slightly over the last week or so but volume has dropped off significantly. On the other hand, notice the divergence between price and volume with Jubilee. What is happening on these two stocks?
    First time I've tried to attach charts so hope it works. (see post #3 for the charts- moderator)
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    Default Re: New highs and volume

    I think you should've given your files a ".gif" or ".jpg" extension then they would show up in your post.

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    Default Re: New highs and volume

    Ok, thanks.
    Does this work? If not, could you tell me how you do it (apologies)?
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    Default Re: JBM & RIN Darvas Boxes help!

    Nice charts there, I'm a novice at charting and know nothing about Darvas boxes or I would have helped out.

    I've changed the original title of your thread to make it clearer, please remember to use the stock code and see our code of conduct link at the foot of this page.

    My posts are not recommendations (even when I rave about something). Always rely on your own research & judgement.

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    Default Re: JBM & RIN Darvas Boxes help!

    Point taken, thanks.
    I'm a novice on every aspect (charting included)!
    I suppose I'm trying to apply the basic principle of using the Darvas box like any other aspect of trading breakouts, including looking for a healthy increase in volume to complement price action but I find volume very hit and miss. I wait for an increase in volume which doesn't come (but price rises) or I see volume dip so I wait or volume increases but price goes down. I can see that volume on Rinker recently has not experienced the steep peaks and troughs as previously (see chart). It seems that price is holding quite well and that an shares sold are being picked up quickly. Does the lower volume mean would-be sellers are holding on to their stock? On JBM, how does price rise so steeply yet volume drop off, yet price then retraces and volume rises?
    Any pearls of wisdom welcomed.

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