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    Are there any other holders out there? ive held since 12/6, and it has largley been left behind the market until the last couple of days it has rallied well but there have been no announcements?. Leighton have a decent stake in this property group. Any ideas on this rally?

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    I am a long time holder. DVN has been very good to me because it is traditionally a very good divi payer and I am a comfortable holder because it is a very well run company. Like all companies its sp got hammered by the economic crisis and fear of a collapse in the housing market. Do you see any evidence of that?. I don't. But it will take time for the sp to recover. Its more about sentiment than reality. Buy and hold is my advice but then I don't give advice so dyor.
    Another company I like that was hammered more by sentiment than reality is WFL. For the same reasons as DVN I suggest they may be worth looking at.

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    Nice bounce back by DVN yesterday. Hopefully this movement shook the resistance off, that been holding this below 0.60

    Ian, WFL does look oversold @ 0.50, watching closely.

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