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    We all have moments in our lives that we will remember for eternity as well as achievements that have made us and our friends and families proud. Which is why I thought it might be a good idea to start this thread. In today's contemporary society we seem to be bombarded with stories that more than often point out and emphasise the negative side of humanity. I'm more of a positive fella and believe that we should instead focus on the many wonderful things that we as humans achieve every day.

    Probably my favourite achievement which also doubles as one of my greatest memories is year 12 graduation day (which was last year). Working so hard for 5 years to achieve what I did was well worth it and walking down to the main oval in the parade was great. Once at the oval everyone is normally seated then there are speeches, fireworks, music, food, drink and the school captain as well as vice captains for the next year are brought in and presented to the school (i'll list the ones that ive seen) - on a helicopter, camels, mustangs, a tank (army barracks next to our school). It's a pretty fun day and kinda of sums up your 5 years of hard work.

    Would love to hear from other people to see what their greatest achievements and memories are.

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    Default Re: Greatest achievements or memories

    Winning a footy (Aussie rules) grand final in double extra time, and then going undefeated the following year to win another

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    Finishing a manuscript I'd been working on for two years.

    - there's more, but it's too personal.

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    My wedding night comes to mind as my greatest memory...honeymoon was pretty good to.
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