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    Hi Folks,

    I live in Melbourne now - but had come a long way from Myanmar (Burma) via UK. As the title of this post suggests, I am not a spring chicken, but am still very active in matters of generating incomes (more so to provide on-going funds to my pet charities) from trading, apart from my other varied but less lucrative online and off line business ventures.

    As most of you are - I am kinda new to the world of trading, as such - even though I must admit I had a spell of trading SPI futures over 5 years ago. Then I had been patting my back for being such a smart trader, having profited so much quicker than the average newbie trader; the shock of losing over $10,000 on one contract overnight - hit this pride driven individual so hard, he has just about gained back his dented ego and confidence to begin again.

    See --- I was a Financial Planner (FPA) and had a very successful business way back in the 80s. Got myself into the Million Dollar Round Table Membership Club (industrial big ho ho) in July '89 but then also was quickly awarded in December the same year, an executive suite at Epworth Private Hospital with a lifetime chest and leg scars for having undergone a quadruple heart grafts (by-pass) surgery. This incident got me so scared that I donned the chicken jacket and said farewell to Financial Planning arena as too-much-stress related arena. Did I learn a lesson? Surely not going by that overnight drop of my trading fortunes mentioned above. LOL!

    Sorry, I get long winded most times. But hey, I am here among you clever folks now. I will be glad to learn from some of you seasoned lots who are on your way to becoming millionaires, if not already. As usual, my ambitions are high. And I don't seem to forget that old but well famous saying, "Spread your eggs in different baskets" So, I am still learning while I trade in several areas, namely Currency, CFDs, Futures and even in less popular Warrants.

    I surely would love to hear back some of the secrets and successful ideas on these subjects from some of you learned folks. Rest assured, I will do my best to contribute to this great ASFs - the successful things I hopefully wean out of trading in these areas. That's a promise.

    Wishing all great success.

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