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    Default Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders

    can anyone tell a virtual luddite like me whether such models such as DMRXW350 & the 500g model are good models? any suggestions tips, thoughts would be greatlyappreciated to understand all the technobabble

    they say they use DVD -ram format so if i recorded something on DVD through the proposed model and tried to play it on my comuter ( i have DVD+r drives ) it wouldnt play i assume?

    is there any particular format more popular or successful or taking ascendency in the market ( i would hate to by and be stuck with a Beta vcr equivalent in several years time!!!)

    what format are other brands using or formats do others possess and use or prefer

    What is Vieracast? in laymans terms?. my mate has one of these models ( tv & recorder ) i guess they are compatible ie he only has to use the hd recorder remote control to bring up menus, record etc

    any pro" or cons with this format or models

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    Default Re: Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders

    Rusty what do u actually want to do? if its simply recording TV then i imagine that DVD ram would be a poor choice...its very old technology and in my limited experience rarely used...i think its like a cassette.


    Anyway i saw a HHD recorder once that had like a little door on the top of the machine where u pushed a button and the HHD sorta ejected...so u could just plug another one in...cool feature i thought.
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    Default Re: Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders

    This is what it is, i guess if panasonic are using it, it must be decent technology. just trying to get an idea of what it all is, whats best etc.I really only want to connect it up to a lcd telly, be able to program / record stuff in hi def on a disc drive and if so record this onto a dvd if required and be able to run it on my computer, edit. pretty simple uses but i want to get a decent unit

    Why DVD-RAM?
    Which DVD Format to choose? DVD-RAM!

    Panasonic has chosen DVD-RAM for all of its DVD recorders. DVD-RAM is the standard format established by the DVD Forum for recording both video and PC data. DVD-RAM offers easy recording and free, on-the-fly editing, and it has the superior data handling you need in today's digital age. A DVD recorder's features and performance vary greatly with the type of disc used. If you want to make the right choice, start by learning all that you can about DVD-RAM and the other types of DVD discs.

    Types of Recordable DVD Media
    There are five distinct recordable DVD formats, including both write-once and rewritable formats. Three of which are certified by the DVD Forum, these are DVD-RAM, DVD-R & DVD-RW.

    What is DVD-RAM?

    Recordable DVD - the ultimate solution for your various digital needs, video recorder, PC and camcorder applications. The recording media for the next generation is already here today. It's DVD-RAM - an advanced format that lets you enjoy the many applications of digital data, including moving pictures, still images, PC data and more. DVD-RAM makes it easy to handle data transfer over the Internet. DVD-RAM makes it easy to link mobile equipment. And DVD-RAM's applications will continue to expand as technology evolves. DVD-RAM offers a host of exciting benefits today, and it will offer even more tomorrow. Read on to learn more about the remarkable functions made possible by DVD-RAM.

    DVD-RAM Main Features
    1. High-Speed Read & Write
    Direct On-Disc Editing - Editing is quick and easy, DVD-RAM lets you edit video directly on the disk. With digital images and sound, not to mention interactivity, the AV world is undergoing dramatic changes. At the same time, computers are incorporating aspects of audio-video entertainment. Both situations call for vast data storage capacity and speedy transfer. DVD-RAM not only handles huge volumes of data, it also has the high-speed (22.16 Mbps) read/write capability today's digital applications demand.

    2. A/V & PC Compatibilty
    Still Images, Video and other Data on the same disc. You can store both digital snapshots and digital video footage and also pc data files on the same DVD-RAM disc. This makes DVD-RAM a very useful transfer media between multiple devices.

    3. Fast Random Access
    DVD-RAM uses preaddressed sectors for data management. The CAPA (Complementary Allocated Pit Addressing) system records address signals in each of the sectors so the pickup can go directly to the sector where desired information is stored. And rapid retrieval is possible even if data isn't stored sequentially. With the conventional CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) system, disc rotation speed control is required after the data track changes, which takes time. But DVD-RAM uses the ZCLV (Zoned Constant Linear Velocity) system enabling reading of data in the same zone* at a uniform rotation speed to achieve high-speed random access. Thanks to this rapid access, you're assured stress-free operation.
    * Zone is a set of tracks.

    4. Durable Storage Performance
    Data on a DVD-RAM disc is read by a non-contact optical pickup, so there's virtually no wear or tear that could alter performance over time. Discs enable rewriting approximately 100,000 times. They also come with cartridges* to protect them from dirt and dust. These features make DVD-RAM the ideal medium for storing your valuable data.
    * Some DVD-RAM discs come without a cartridge.

    5. Outstanding Reliability
    DVD-RAM uses the land-groove recording system which enables high-precision tracking by the pickup, thereby maintaining stable reading and writing of data. To assure accurate data storage and retrieval, DVD-RAM also incorporates an advanced defective management and error correction system.

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    Default Re: Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders

    Um, heres a slightly more controversial but massively smarter/cheaper/better alternative.

    Add 1 SATA HDMI 1080i HD TV Media Player HDD Enclosure for around $60 delivered

    Add 1x piratebay (google it) and you have as much free content as you like in whatever quality you want (yes that includes blu-ray if you have the bandwidth).

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