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    What are your thoughts on the news that McDonalds have launched Maths Online, an online application that they say has been put together by professional secondry maths teachers?

    On the TV ad I've just seen they do not state figures on the costs involved, only that they are ensuring 1.5 million Australian secondry students have free access to the system.

    Now am I being a tad cynical by thinking that there must be some catch involved, or are they trying to make some positive mileage to make up for the negative childhood obesity outcomes their product has been linked with?

    McGood or McBad?
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    Like any sophisticated advertising, they just Mc Look After Themselves.

    Part of advertising strategy is so called brand name advertising, not directly selling you product but making sure that McDonalds name is there for us to see and re-remember.

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    Default Re: Junk Food Philanthropy?

    fist pump.......lulz, chance to revive another thread with vital info......sink it wit me, y'awll

    brothers doing it for the cause....

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