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    I have decided to take the plunge and join the stock market and also this forum. I have read a few books.. Naked truth and 10mins to the stock market. Of course I still have a bit to read on.

    Was looking for a good Aussie forum and hopefully I have found one.

    As being very green to the stock market I have signed up to E-trade as it is also with the ANZ bank like my savings account.

    After reading books that have overseas based references to websites that aren't as good for ASX market. I was looking for a complete site like advfn.com .The main things I was after is good news and announcements for companies and also a breakout chart for top 10 breakouts for the day etc.


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    Hi Decapper, welcome aboard! Hopefully you find the site useful for general information and tips on where to look for what you're after. Make good use of the search function as there's probably a topic already started somewhere for initial answers, or where to put your questions. All the best, kennas

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    Decaapper , ASF is probably the best source of stock/trading info in Australia.

    Re data. There is free and cheap data out there.

    I pay for mine, Paritech, and they give breakouts daily.

    The time spent on wrestling with free data is an expense as well.

    There are other data providers.

    Do a search on ASF for the appropriate thread.


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