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    Default Laws regarding takeovers

    Can anyone direct me to where I would find information on the laws regarding take overs.

    Off the top of my head it's: if a person/entity takes greater than 19.99% stake in company they must make formal offer for rest of company? (yes/no?)

    Also, is there a minimum share holding (%) at which a entity/member can demand a board seat?

    At what point can an entity compulsory acquire the rest of the shares on issue?



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    Default Re: Takeovers

    Got your eyes on BHP?

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    Default Re: Takeovers

    Quote Originally Posted by kennas View Post
    Got your eyes on BHP?
    Yeh, it's next on the list after Goldman Sachs

    Also, if anyone could direct me towards where I could find rules regarding the actual take over offer ie. does the offer need to be fair/certain minimum premium to market value etc?

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