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    Default Oanda Funding

    Having some confusion with funding an Oanda account. I'm using the wire transfer option (i use netbank btw)

    Send wire transfer to:

    Select your currency before proceeding.
    Bank: ANZ Banking Corp, Melbourne
    Bank Address: 570 Church Street, Richmond VIC, Australia
    Bank SWIFT Code: ANZBAU3M
    Account Number: 218032/00001

    In the additional instructions field, you must include:
    For Further Credit to
    Account Name: OANDA Corporation
    Account Number: 32282904 OR IBAN: GB76CHAS60924232282904 (Final beneficiary)
    {FXTrade Account Holder's Name and FXTrade Account Number (if a new account, reference the words New Account)}.

    ***Please instruct your bank to send wire transfer via SWIFT.***

    What location am i sending the money to, melbourne or london?
    What swift code do i use?
    What account number do i send it to the first or second one?

    I have spoken to Oandas 'live help', they weren't very helpful.



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    I took those instructions to my bank (ANZ) a few weeks ago and the young girl there said it didnt make sense. I emailed them and they sent further instruction which I have yet to take into the bank and have another go.

    See if this makes sense - (part of email response)

    To summarize, it is a three step process as OANDA has a bank account with JPMorgan Chase London. In turn, JPMorgan Chase London has a bank account with ANZ Banking Corp, Melbourne. You would select 'Australia', because JPMorgan Chase London has a bank account with ANZ Banking Corp, Melbourne.

    Therefore, when you send the wire to ANZ, they will credit the funds to JPMorgan Chase London's bank account (218032/00001). Then, JPMorgan Chase London will credit the funds to OANDA's bank account (32282904). After this, the funds are then credited by OANDA to your FXTrade Account.

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    Default Re: Oanda Funding

    i got told years ago that it made no sense.

    glad to see they have made it clearer.

    i ended up sending to london.

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    Default Re: Oanda Funding

    It makes perfect sense.

    Oanda isnt a bank.
    Its backed by JP Morgan.
    JP Morgan dont have an Australian retail banking license, therefore they use ANZ bank as their clearer for Australian dollars.

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    Default Re: Oanda Funding

    Just transferred funds then, it might make sense, but the instructions are still not user friendly. Will post if i stuffed up and get a rejection fee

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    Default Re: Oanda Funding

    thought i'd post a follow up, my funds were 'lost' in transit since my last post, only just got them returned today, lesson learnt. take care when sending money overseas!!

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    I trade with Oanda. Best to go into bank and do the transfer through them.

    Good luck.

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