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    Default Westpac Broking: Administration problems

    I changed my residential address some four months ago and have been having considerable trouble with the admin at Westpac Broking to bring all details up to date.

    First I ommitted my wife's signature, my fault and second my signature had changed so got that sorted but ommitted my wifes signature again (she hates forms, I put them out for her and assume she has signed them, never assume)

    Finally got the message after a lot of tooing and frooing so had all new forms sent by fax per local bank last Monday but they have not recieved them. Re did the whole thing and sent them by fax this morning per Newsagents this time, still not recieved but in a call to them this evening they say "your signature has changed" informed him that I submitted that with licence ID, old and new signature some month ago, seems they do not keep ones file together, that was basic in my old job as a plod.

    So we are nowhere, and I cannot make buys, so serious to them they just shut me down. Interesting that there is no notification of these things nor is there return correspondence. One year I paid over $8,000 in brokerage to Westpac. Market is bad at the moment but I have potential to go back to those figures. And I manage a number of accounts for other members of the family.

    Has anyone else had these sorts of problems.

    They seem to me to be very ho hum and I suppose for posting this rant they may be worse. If I was a Senior at Westpac I would be horrifed. I concede things have to be done on a shoestring but surely some reasonable effficiency....please

    cheers explod

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    Default Re: Westpac Broking: Administration problems

    Sorry, this probably isn't going to help you much, but we changed our postal address recently (with Westpac broking), signed the form and faxed it as well. It was updated almost immediately, and mail starting flowing to the new address within a couple of days.....

    Having said that, we've had all sorts of other issues in other areas... guess we all fight a battle somewhere.

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