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    Default Apple - Macbook Pro and Metastock

    I'm thinking of getting a

    APPLE - MACBOOK PRO 15" 320GB MB985X/A.

    Does anyone have any experience of using it with Metastock and Paritech data.

    I've never owned an apple before.


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    Default Re: APPLE - MACBOOK PRO and Metastock

    I use an apple macbook pro with amibroker. The switch was one of the best things I have ever done. There's a reason why mac users are so vocal in their support for macs

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    Default Re: Apple - Macbook Pro and Metastock

    Metastock cannot run on any Macs from what I understand unfortunately (as of testing 2 months ago)

    Even under a virtual box like VMware of Parallels, due to the way Metastock is licensed?, it cannot operate like this. (Google this issue and youll see various threads on the topic)

    So I too ended up going down the amibroker road using it under VMware.

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    Default Re: Apple - Macbook Pro and Metastock

    Garpal Gumnut revealed:
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    The contents of this post were tested, ruthlessly, on small, cute, furry animals. Most of them were fatally harmed. Hence, if this post causes irritation, please discontinue reading immediately.

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