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    I have read where the brokers and traders would be the big winners out of any climate change legislation.
    I am sure you can trade carbon futures???
    I am sure there must be other individual entities to trade.
    This thread is to kick around ideas for "exploiting" the new market.
    Slowly,slowly, catchee monkey.

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    I'd have a look at any renewable energy company as they will surely be looked at by larger companies looking to offset the carbon position. I hold IFN and note they are cashed up, free from Babcock and debt and have a good asset book here, europe and the US. At current levels they look good to me!



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    Default Re: Carbon Trading Opportunities

    Carbon emission trading itself is available to anyone interested. IG market does it with CFDs, but some futures broker probably does it for real.

    Carbon audits is another growth area. Word is that the Big 4 accountants are already developing that skill. But there might be other niche operators out there.

    Same with carbon trading brokerage. The big wire houses probably have the best inside tracks. But there are niche players around (not sure about in the listed space).

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