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    If someone would like to post a 60 min chart of any currency pair preference and I will try and identify a forward reversal point . I dont have intraday FX data although I am interested in trialling and applying some trading techniques on the 60 min chart . when you post the chart please make sure that there is a sufficient length of price action and please make a clear note of the times when important highs or lows were formed .

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    Moderator , I cant seem to locate a post that was posted tonight under a new heading CBA , It did show up for a few minutes under trading strategies but has since dissapeared . thnx ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazelle View Post
    Moderator , I cant seem to locate a post that was posted tonight under a new heading CBA , It did show up for a few minutes under trading strategies but has since dissapeared . thnx ,
    If you have posts about a stock please do a search and put them in the relevant thread.


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    This thread has been relocated to the Forex forum as it is primarily forex related.

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    Sorry about the mixup , I did attempt to submit a post on CBA tonight but for some reason it wasnt processed , it is most likely my pc as it has been playing up of late and I have lost a few things in the process but anyway heres a similar post .

    XAO 27th July

    Looking at two possible scenarios into this date . First possibility is a top . Second possibility is a counter trend low . At this point in time due to the choppy nature of the market it is difficult to ascertain a clear direction so my strategy is to wait for the timing date to come in and then for timing and price co ordinates to align . In essence there are two dates . Friday 24th July & Monday 27th July . Either one of these dates should bring in a significant reversal . Hopefully a few days before the nominated date I will be in a more qualified position to gauge the direction of the mkt .
    CBA XAO DBK GBPJPY line up on this day .

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    Hi Gazelle,

    Google MT4 and get a free demo of any currency you want, whenever you want it.

    That way you could post a chart here with your thoughts already attached.

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