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    Default Need help with CommsecIRESS

    I just signed up with commseciress today. I execute the java program by logging into commsec normally with my commsecID that starts with 5, and has 8 digits.

    I get this error message every time I log in under 'Trading'

    => IOS Status - COMMSECR - IOS Error: User 5XXXXXXX Invalid Password!

    Basically everything works fine, but I think because of this error I don't get to qualify for the 8 trades for free service? Next to the help button, it says I have invalid password

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    Sounds like you have a password glitch, best ring up the help desk, they'll get you sorted fairly quickly.

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    It is actually a sign up glitch lol. Apparently will resolve itself in 24hrs. Thanks.

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