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    Default Mobile network problem?

    Hi all

    have a technology bitch, if no-one has had this problem, maybe they can direct me to another more appropriate forum.

    I have Telstra phone at our business premises, which is on permanent diversion to a Telstra mobile, I answer phone inquiries.

    Last week I began experiencing the following difficulties...these exact symptons also arose about 12 months ago, and lasted 3-4 days.

    1) continually receive msg that I have " 2 missed calls, call 101"
    ( there is no calls and i get this msg 20 times per day)

    1b) txt msgs coming thru 24 hrs late

    2) mobile phone turns off repeatedly

    3) phone network drops out repeatedly

    4) calls ring twice then phone drops out, call number sometimes recorded, sometimes not

    5) repeatedly turns off, while I am trying to send text

    6) Telstra Business Unit ringing me twice per day, but the calls always drop out before I can answer, (not related to my issue, they were just pestering me)

    No use at all speaking to Telstra tech support, they said ring back in a week if I still have the problem..of course I try all known fixes.

    then voila, problem stops.

    The symptoms, and sudden resolution, plus the recurrence, indicate this must be a Telstra system problem.

    It cost me missed business calls

    any clues?

    btw Commonwealth Netbank is not working atm

    and what you techo freaks gonna do with yr trades when this happens?


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    Default Re: mobile network problem?


    thats probably the best place to go for anything computer, internet, telecommunication related.

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