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    Yesterday, I just put a buy request for RIO, and this morning I notice my request is not completed (it means, I do not own the stock yet). That is because the opening is higher than the bid I put in yesterday evening. My question is, is there any way to change the bid price? Is there any way to see what stock that we bid that has not been completed yet?
    FYI: I am using CommSec... Thank you all

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    If your buy order was set to remain until cancelled, it should remain there. I don't use CommSec but under my broker there's a section called 'open trades'. See if you can find something similar. In there it should show you which trades haven't gone through yet as well as give you the option to modify them.

    If you can't find the open trades section, i'm sure someone with commsec experience will answer your question soon.

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    thank you for the reply KurwaJegoMac. I found it, it is under Trading -> Order -> Order Status -> Amend...

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