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    Default Brent Penfold - Trading the SPI

    I've seen his name pop up in a few threads, many people read this book? Opinions/Reviews? A good resource for someone new to futures?



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    Default Re: Brent Penfold - Trading the SPI

    I think it's an excellent book. He provides a very good explanation on how futures work and also mentions their similarities to CFDs.
    There are a few strategies mentioned, but not sure how they would in the current climate.
    Try and borrow the book frm a library first. This is what I've done.


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    Default Re: Brent Penfold - Trading the SPI

    I liked the book when I first read it, but most of it is all pretty standard.

    In hindsight, I would recommend it for a basic over-view, but it doesn't give much insight at all and many position sizing strategies you can implement yourself, are not included, i.e. they are all very mechanical.

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    Default Re: Brent Penfold - Trading the SPI

    If you are new to futures I think its a good book as it gives you a good overview and gives you a few idea's on how to trade futures. It also gives you a few ideas on position sizing etc.
    It a worthwhile read to get started.


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    Default Re: Brent Penfold - Trading the SPI

    Does anyone here subscribe to Brent's services? If so, can you please PM me.


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