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    Smile StockPecker by 50chickens

    Hi all

    I'm currently learning some .net and i've created a free utility called StockPecker (no not that one!).. It's kinda of similar to the StockWatch app from Skinner36 but i don't think he is working on it any more.

    currently it will grab ticker info (eg, bid/ask, last, volume, change) and display it in an easy to see grid. It can also get index data using tradingroom.com.au and some commodity info from kitco.

    So far i have 3 datasources (the ASX, Etrade aus and Westpac Broking) setup.. the asx is free (but delayed) whereas etrade and westpac broking are real time, but you need a login and password to their site. It also has some _basic_ charting ability using marketwatch/bigcharts (yes i'm using external data for just about everything lol)

    here's a couple of screenshots.

    the only requirements so far are .net version 2.0 (you'll need to install it on xp, but vista comes with 3.0 so you should be right there).

    To run it you will need to extract the whole zip file to a folder. then, double click on StockPecker.exe.

    grab it from here - http://www.efexare.com/StockPecker.zip

    Any suggestions welcome!!

    This software is not affiliated with ASF in any way. And use at your own risk!
    StockPecker stores your login and password in plaintext (non encrypted) in the database and will use these credentials to access the Etrade/Westpac website. If that scares you i recommend not to use this software

    pps. Etrade have been known to disable/lock accounts for hitting their website too often. i suggest to set the timer to 3 mins+ or manually refresh with them. You have been warned!

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    Good on ya 50chickens - you've done a lot of work on this, thanks for sharing!
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