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    Cool Software choices

    I've been browsing the forum all afternoon and now am completely confused about the different choices. So I am posting with what I was using, as well as hopefully my wish list for software. If there are websites that will fill my needs - I'm open to that too.

    For the last 4 years I've been using MS Money Deluxe. Quite good, lots of analysis tools built in. I was able to click on any of the share symbols in my portfolio to go straight to a customisable chart. The financial data was able in the same area. MS money also provided annualised returns, daily changes of the portfolio, profit/loss that included dividends & reinvestments, dividend yield. As of 30 June 2009 (2 weeks) all updates are ceasing as the software is defunct.

    I am a long term investor, not many trades. I do want to research shares, looking at both fundamentals & technical data. I want to be able to enter all stock transactions - buy, sell, divs, re-investments.

    I have looked at trials for: stator, topshare, hubb investor. They don't look like what I'm trying to find unless I'm missing something drastic. Portfolio manager won't run on 64bit systems

    Any solutions/ideas?

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    Steadily going through the trial versions I've downloaded. I am going to enter a minimum amount of transactions in each one to try and find the right one.

    Even bought Quicken personal plus.

    No Comments?

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    Hi Margo - I guess the 'fundamental analyst' crowd are not as keen on software as the tech analysis crowd.

    There is software I know of with fundamental data, such as Sherpa, from Hubb (but I don't know if it exists/is supported anymore) and StockVal. Sherpa will do fundamentals and charts, StockVal I don't know.

    There is another one, name slips my mind at the moment but I am sure some of the fundy people will come up some more this evening.
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    Thank you I'll keep looking around.

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