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    Sometimes you come across a picture that just begs to have some sort of funny or witty caption applied to it, so I thought I'd start a thread to see how funny or witty all you ASF'ers are..


    Meanwhile, at the auditions for America's Got Talent -

    "OK Benny, we're up next, so here's how we do it. I jump into the hat and you say a few magic words like 'contained' etc then you pull me out, and I'll pretend to be a rabbit!"
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    Humanity is just a discretionary ponzi scheme

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    US unemployment claims fall to 608,000 for the month of May

    US unemployment numbers have dropped again and should provide a boost to stock prices that the worst is over. However, this group of men are filing a discrimination class-action against the US Government due to not being included in the official unemployment statistical calculations.

    A spokesman on behalf of the We have been unemployed for over 6 months and are no longer added to the official unemployment numbers said,
    "This is just rude and exclusionary. We have been looking for work for so long and now we are being treated as second-class citizens not even included in the unemployment numbers."

    A spokesman on behalf of the US Treasury said things are looking up for the US Economy and jobs.

    Bollocks Press.
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    During the eve of the global broccoli ban, these protesters demanded the overturning of this injunction.

    "What do we want!"
    "When do we want it?"

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    [thought bubble] - "Hmmm.... i wonder what the credit limit on this dress is??"

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    In light of the recent exposure of the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetuated in the history of mankind by Bernie Madoff.

    The guys at Watchmakers-R-US have come up with a novel idea on how his backers can reminisce back to the good ol' times of how they obtained their ill-gotten fortunes.
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