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    Default Why Tuppence?

    Why was Des Moran called "Tuppence" and why was he wasted?


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    Well the Fat wog said to the Skinny wog----and then

    Chk Chk BANG!

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    Quick EDIT it while you can

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    I am guessing...I know of people that were called their juvenile or even baby names for all of their lives....eg little tuppence or threepence.
    Why was he killed ? another guess ...when Lewis Moran...gangland brother of Tuppence was killed the money went to Tuppence,,,not to the widow,
    The money would have been unaccounted for proceeds of crime I suppose.This may have been an ongoing grievance for the widow and she may have believed she should have at least shared in the unofficial will.
    Once again only guesses.

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