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    Default The USA 'orders' twitter

    From news. com.au

    To quote the news headline "Twitter's Iranian move 'ordered by US' "

    Upon reading the full article it clearly states "The US State Department has revealed it asked Twitter to delay an upgrade".

    There is a very big different being asking and ordering. I will never understand how our presses can get away with such false and misleading news headlines.

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    Yep have seen it too many times, especially the Herald sun. Can't forget back a few years ago when they published an article about a dangerous ethnic gang in Melbourne which turned out to be a false website made by some teenagers that featured pictures of random people from all over the world. The whole article was based on the website which had no credibility behind it and I just wonder were the people resposible for this article really that stupid or it was another example of media bias.

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    They get away with it because like it or not, using headlines like that attract more readers and more $$.

    If the headline read: "The USA 'asks' twitter" then it's not as exciting as 'orders'. Naturally everyone will spring up and say "how dare the US order aroud twitter how outrageous" and BAM - increased number of readers.

    Either way, it shouldn't be allowed in the first place, it's very misleading.

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    Default Re: The USA 'orders' twitter

    I wonder if being 'asked' to do something by the US State Department might be the equivalent of being 'asked' to do something by my wife ... that is, doing what she asks would be a very good idea and not doing it a very, very bad idea...
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    Yep - one of my pet gripes...

    If you read an article on ABC and then look at the same one in news.com.au -
    they are always completely different..

    They add in their own words -- always pushing their own agenda

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    I recently read a book called "Authenticity" Brands ,Fakes,Spin and the lust for real life.. by David Boyle.
    It spells out the chasm between commercial media and "news media"

    The first one's prime agenda is to DELIVER AUDIENCES TO ADVERTISERS.
    The second ..to (hopefully) reveal the truth..Too bad the truth doesn't bring in the advertising dollars

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